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Animal flesh, meat.

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karn* Flesh, meat.

[MEATS] rôti [F.], joint, pièce de résistance [F.], relevé [F.], hash, réchauffé [F.], stew, ragout, fricassee, mince, chow mein, chop suey [U. S.], salmis, fatling, barbecue, kickshaws, mincemeat, forcemeat, meat balls, croquettes, goulash or Hungarian goulash; condiment [See Condiment]; haggis [Scot.], bubble and squeak, pilau or pilaw [India], curry, aspic jelly; turtle, terrapin, diamond-back terrapin.


bov* Cow -> bovat* Beef.

Porterhouse steak, boiled beef, bouilli, beef à la mode, beefsteak, roast beef, rosbif [F.], bifteck [F.], sirloin, rump, chuck.


VEAL, veau [F.], fricandeau, calf’s head, tête de veau [F.], tongue, langue [F.], fried brains, cervelle frite [F.], sweetbread, ris de veau [F.], calf’s liver, foie de veau [F.].


ew* Sheep -> ewat* Mutton.

Mutton chop, côtelette de mouton [F.], plain chop, côtelette au naturel [F.], côtelette à la maître d’hôtel [F.], [F.], côtellette à la jardinière [F.], broiled kidneys, rognons à la brochette [F.], lamb, agneau [F.], saddle, selle [F.].


su* Pig -> suat* Pork.

PORK, porc [F.], pork chop, côtelette de porc frais [F.], sausage, saucisson [F.], Frankforter, hot dog [slang, U. S.], bacon, ham, jambon [F.], sucking pig, cochon de lait [F.], pig’s knuckles, pig’s feet, trotters, pieds de cochon [F.], crackling.


POULTRY, volaille [F.], capon, chapon [F.], poularde [F.], pigeon, fowl, broiler, chicken, poulet [F.], duck, canard [F.], muscovy duck, roast duck, canard rôti [F.], goose, oie [F.], turkey, dinde (masc. dindon) [F.], wing, aile [F.], leg, cuisse [F.], breast, filet (of a goose) [F.], blanc (of a fowl) [F.], drumstick.


GAME, venison, chevreuil [F.], hare, lièvre [F.], jugged hare, civet [F.], rabbit, lapin [F.], pheasant, faisan [F.], partridge, perdrix [F.], snipe, bécasse [F.], quail, caille [F.], wild duck, canard sauvage [F.], canvasback, teal, sarcelle [F.], grouse, ricebird [Southern U. S.], pigeon, squab.


pisk* Fish -> piskat*

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
ewkarnovor* bio dis tg Order Carnivora. Carnivora
karne* abs Made of flesh or meat.
karnekt* dis tg 1. Piece of flesh; steak, filet.
2. Manifestation in flesh; incarnation.
karnovor* dis tg Carnivore. Animal
karnid* ind chrom Color of (raw) flesh: generally red or pink.
nikarnivor* g zoo Someone who does not eat meat.
rekarnekt* dis tg Reincarnation.

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