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nbsp; Latin canalis

To carry or direct matter from one location to another.

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kanal* Conduit

Channel, duct, watercourse, cañon or canyon, coulee or coulée [geol.], water gap, gorge, ravine, chasm; race; head -, tail- race; abito [F. Amer.], aboideau or aboiteau [local Can.], bito [dial., U. S.]; acequia [Sp. Amer.], acequiador [Sp. Amer.], arroyo; adit, aqueduct, canal, trough, gutter, pantile; flume, dike, main; gully, gullet [rare], gulch [U. S.], moat, ditch, drain, sewer, culvert, cloaca, sough [dial. Eng.], kennel, siphon; piscine, piscina; pipe (tube) [See Opening]; funnel; tunnel (passage) [See Method]; water -, waste- pipe; emunctory, gully hole, spout, scupper; ajutage; hose; gargoyle or gurgoyle; penstock, pentrough, weir, lock weir, floodgate, water gate, sluice, lock, valve; rose, rosehead; waterworks.
[FOR METAL] ingate, runner, tedge.

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