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[SPORTS AND GAMES] athletic sports, track events, gymnastics; archery, rifle shooting; tournament, pugilism (contention) [See Contention]; sporting [See Pursuit]; horse racing, the turf; water polo; aquatics [See Navigation].
skating, ice skating, roller skating, sliding; cricket, tennis, lawn tennis, pallone, rackets, squash, fives, trap bat and ball, badminton, battledore and shuttlecock, pall-mall, croquet, golf, curling, hockey, shinny or shinney; polo, football, Rugby, rugger [colloq.]; association, soccer [colloq.]; tent pegging, tilting at the ring, quintain, greasy pole; knur (or knurr) and spell [Eng.]; quoits, discus; hammer -, horseshoe- throwing; putting the -weight, - shot; hurdling; leapfrog; sack -, potato -, obstacle -, three-legged- race; hop skip and jump; French and English, tug of war; rounders, baseball, basket ball, pushball, captain ball; lacrosse; tobogganing.
blind-man’s buff, hunt the slipper, hide and seek, kiss in the ring; snapdragon; cross questions and crooked answers, twenty questions, what’s my thought? charades, crambo, dumb crambo, crisscross, proverbs, bouts rimés [F.]; hopscotch, jackstones, mumble-the-peg or mumblety-peg; ping-pong, tiddledywinks, tipcat.
billiards, pool, pyramids, bagatelle; bowls, skittles, ninepins, American bowls; tenpins [U. S.], tivoli.
chess, draughts, checkers or chequers, backgammon, dominoes, halma, dice, craps, crap shooting, crap game, “negro golf,” “indoor golf” [both humorous]; merelles, nine men’s morris, gobang, “the royal game of goose” [Goldsmith]; fox and geese; lotto or loto &c. 1
SPORTSMAN (fem. sportswoman), hunter, Nimrod.
archer, toxophilite; cricketer, footballer, ball-players &c.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
joqab* unb rel m itg Ability to play: skill, talent. Sport
joqtr* loc Location for playing: playing field.
joqipw* itr Game writer/developer.
joqiq* itr To play (a game, a role).
joqiqar* col Collection of players, team.
joqœk* fac dis tg Facility for playing: Arena, stadium.

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