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To joke, jest, make humor. (n) Joker, humorist, comedian.

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GAMESTER (fem. gamestress), sport, gambler; dicer, punter, plunger.
REVELER or reveller, carouser; master of ceremonies.
DEVOTEE, enthusiast, follower, fan [slang, U. S.], rooter [slang or cant, U. S.]; turfman.
FESTIVITY, merrymaking; party &c. (social gathering) [See Sociality]; revels, revelry, reveling or revelling, carnival, Saturnalia, jollification [colloq.], junket, picnic.

Humorous, comedic, funny, in jest.

jok* Amusement.

jokoq* Executive: To use/wield amusement.
jokor* Generative: To produce amusement.

jokos* Essive of having.
jokod* Dative agent: To give amusement (to).
jokend* Dative patient: To receive amusement (from).

jokew* Abessive.
jokemp* Ablative agent: To take amusement (from).
jokolv* Ablative patient: To lose amusement (to/by).

jokaq* Means.
jokm* Result.

joktr* Domain/scope.
jokordj* Origin.
jokepj* Destination.

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