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nbsp; Semitic ʕqb > Hebrew yaʕăqōb

Article of overclothing.

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jakob* synonyms

Pall [archaic], mantle, mantua, mantelet or mantlet, sagum, shawl, pelisse, wrapper; veil; cape, kirtle [archaic], plaid [Scot.], tippet, muffler, comforter, balaklava helmet, haik, huke [obs.], chlamys, mantilla, tabard, housing, horse cloth, burnoose or burnous, roquelaure; houpland [hist.]; surcoat, overcoat, greatcoat; surtout, spencer; oilskins, slicker [U. S.], mackintosh, waterproof, ulster, dreadnaught or dreadnought, wraprascal, poncho; pea-coat, pea-jacket; cardinal, pelerine; chuddar or chadar [Hind.], jubbah [Hind.], pyjamas or pajamas, pilot jacket, sweater, blazer, coatee, cardigan or cardigan jacket; Mackinaw coat or Mackinaw; talma.
Robe (indoor overgarment) Tunic, paletot, habit, gown, coat, frock, blouse, middy blouse or middy, jumper, shirt waist, suit; toga, smock, frock.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
jakobar* col tg Overclothing. Clothing worn over the primary clothing, usually for short-term covering, defense or insulation. Overclothing
jakobard* inst dis tg Coat rack.
jakobiß* fem Jacqueline, Jackie.
jakobir* masc Jacob, James, Jacques, Jack.
jakoboraq* inst dis tg Protective garment that covers at least the torso: Jacket, coat.
jakobœk* fac dis tg Abode for overclothing. Coat room, closet that is primarily used for storing coats and other such apparel. Overclothing

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