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introjac* ill abs ac
nbsp; intr* + jac*
Interjacent (to).

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Correlations of Centrical Dimensions

Concept Interiority Exteriority
Location introjac* Interjacent ekstrojac* Circumjacent
Coating kot* Lining teq* Covering
Limit ├żysan* Edge * Outline

Interjacence synonyms

Intercurrence, intervenience or interveniency [rare], interlocation, interdigitation, interpenetration; permeation.
INTERJECTION, interpolation, interlineation, interspersion, intercalation; embolism.
INTERMEDIUM, intermediary; go-between, interagent, middleman, intervener, mean, medium, bodkin [colloq.], intruder, interloper; parenthesis, episode, flyleaf.

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