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unb pos rel m itg
nbsp; Latin honor
Honor, esteem, respect.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
honaksj* rel ess sta m itg Worthiness of honor. Honorability, respectability.
honemp* abl ac To dishonor. Disrespect
honosiƟ* fem "Honored." Used as a title.
honod* rel dat tr To honor, respect, esteem.
honolv* rel abl pa To lose honor/esteem/respect.
honend* rel dat pa To receive honor/esteem/respect from someone. Repute
honm* dis tg Mark of honor.
honos* rel ess sta Having repute. Honored, respected, esteemed. Repute
swihon* m itg Self-esteem, self-respect.

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