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h* dem pn
nbsp; IE *ko- > *ki- > Germanic *hi-

Demonstrative pronoun.
Translates to "the." Emphasizes existence (compare "one dog" to "the one dog").

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
andran* ess sta Anderson.
handrir* masc abs dis tg Male person, man.
handriß* fem abs ess sta dis tg Female person, woman.
har* col pn They, them.
hibj* dem pn Lifeform, it.
hilinqw* spec col Hilinqwo. Specific Languages
hilun* spec dis tg Earth's moon.
hir* masc 3p pn He, him.
hiß* fem 3p pn She, her.
qeh* dist 3p pn Each of them.

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