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gint* num
nbsp; IE *ḱomt “hand” ?> *ḱm̥t > Latin -gint

Standalone form; compare kmt*.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
gintt* ord ess sta Tenth.
gintembr* spec ev December.
gintidw* card num Twelve (12). Determinate Number
gintinewn* card num Ninteen (19). Determinate Number
gintiokt* card num Eighteen (18). Determinate Number
gintipenkw* card num Fifteen (15). Determinate Number
gintipod* bio dis tg Order Decapoda. Ten-footed crustaceans. Decapoda
gintisepm* card num Seventeen (17). Determinate Number
gintiun* card num Eleven (11). Determinate Number
gintj* num One-tenth. Determinate Number
dwigint* num Twenty (20). Improper combined form; use dwikmt*. Determinate Number
dwigintel* num 2 x 1030. Determinate Number
gintian* Period of ten years, decade.
gintarj* abs ess sta One per ten, one of ten, one among ten.
gintedr* ord geom Decahedron; ten-sided die.
gintel* num 1030. Determinate Number
gintikwetor* card num Fourteen (14).
gintitrej* card num Thirteen (13). Determinate Number
gintund* num Ten hundred, thousand. Improper combined form; use unel* unless there is a compelling reason to say "ten hundred." Determinate Number

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