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bio dis tg
nbsp; IE *bheuə-

Kingdom Plantae. Plant.

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Vegetable synonyms

Herb, seedling, plantlet, exotic, annual, perennial, biennial, triennial; legume, pulse, vetch, greens; asparagus.\n

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
anemify* bio dis tg Genus Anemone. Anemone
astrify* bio dis tg Class Asteridae. Asteridae (Asterids)
ebenify* bio dis tg Family Ebenaceae. Ebony and parsimmon trees. Ebenaceae
fyastr* bio dis tg Family Asteraceae. Asteraceae
fyat* der m tg Plant products.
fyanj* loc Garden.
fyovor* dis tg Someone who eats (only or primarily) plants; vegetarian. Animal
fyœk* fac dis tg Botanical garden.
fyum* chem m tg Carbon dioxide (CO2). Minerals
kalamify* bio dis tg Genus Calamus.
kydonify* bio dis tg Genus Cydonia. Quince.
lawkify* dis tg Locoweed.
maqnolify* bio dis tg Phylum Magnoliophyta. Magnoliophyta
mimify* bio dis tg Genus Mimosa.

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