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dis tg
nbsp; Latin fustis

Long piece of wood or metal generally used for support .Refers to the object itself, not how it is used.

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fust* synonyms

Staff, crutch, alpenstock, baton, crosier, cross, crook, caduceus, thyrsus, staddle.

Support (physical)

steb* Action base.
stebos* Essive.
stebor* Generative.
stebod* Dative agent.
stebend* Dative patient.
stebew* Abessive.
stebemp* Ablative agent.
stebolv* Ablative patient.
stebm* Result.

Means of support

stebaq* General base.
fund* Foundation (base support).
trab* Frame (structural support).
stul* Post.
skept* Prop (improvised support).
fust* Staff.

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