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fum* m tg
nbsp; IE *dhūs > *dʰuh₂mós > Latin fūmus

Smoke, fumes, steam.

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pyr* Fire.
fum* Smoke.
ask* Ash.

fum* synonyms

Skr. धूम (dhūma), Old Prussian dumis, Russ. дым (dym), Lat. fūmus, Gm. toup/toben, Gk. θυμός (thumos), Toch. twe/tweye, Lith. dūmai, Ltv. dūmi, Eng. dōmian/dusk, Goth. dauns, ON daunn, Ir. dé/deathach, Welsh dywy, Oscan Mefit, Polish dym, Pers. /dud, OCS дꙑмъ (dymŭ)

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
fumew* rel abesta m itg Lack of smoke.
fumos* ess Having smoke, smoky, smoke-filled.
fumod* dat ac To treat with fumes, fumigate.
fumemp* rel abl tr To prohibit someone from smoking.
fumor* gen act To emit smoke or fumes; to smoke, smolder.
fumodœk* dat fac dis tg Smokehouse.
fumorœk* gen fac dis tg Room or place designated for smoking.

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