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Friendship, peace, cooperation.

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Correlatives of Sociality

Concept Positive Negative
General kunþ* Courtesy rud* Discourtesy
Moderate Specific fred* Friendship odj* Enmity
Strong Specific * Love mis* Hate

fred* synonyms

Amity; friendliness &c. adj.; brotherhood, fraternity, sodality, confraternity; sorority, sorosis, sisterhood.

Short Name (root)

This base can be used as a short name for elements that contain it.

Usage Examples  

  • [[li class="list-group-item"]] Fredos ankurom [[[base:fid]]osim. Friendship is a faithful anchor.[[/li]]


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
frediß* fem Frigg, Freya. Friendship
fredir* masc Masculine short name for names containing the element fred*. Friendship
fredor* gen act "To emit friendship," be friendly, be a friend. Friendship
fredm* dis tg Token of friendship.
fredod* dat tr To befriend. Friendship
fredodj* spec ev Friday.
hunofred* Humphrey. Names, Titles and Greetings
jahofred* (nm) Godfrey, Godfried, Geoffrey, Jeffrey, Geoff, Jeff. Names, Titles and Greetings
jahfredan* Jefferson.
windəfred* Gwenfrewi, Winifred.
siqəfred* Siegfried.
wilofred* Wilfred. Names, Titles and Greetings
winəfred* Winfred.

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