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Heat, Temperature

fr* Heat.
frod* To warm, heat.
frend* To become warm/hot.

frew* Lack of heat, hence cold.
fremp* To remove heat, chill.
frolv* To lose heat.

forn* Heater, furnace.
frig* Refrigerator.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
frawq* dat act m itg Calefaction. Addition, generation or application of heat. Calefaction
frawqm* abs ess sta res tg Pottery. Product of calefaction of earthen materials. Pottery
fremp* rel abl ac To cool down, deactivate, refrigerate. Refrigeration
frew* rel abe sta m itg Cool, cold, deactive.
fros* rel ess Hot, warm, active. Heat
frod* rel dat tr To heat, warm, activate.
frolv* rel abl pa To cool down, deactivate.
frend* rel dat term tr To heat up, warm up, activate. Calefaction
froc* m itg Science of heat. Pyrology; thermology, thermotics. Science of Heat
fror* rel gen act To emit heat. Heat

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