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abs fam ess sta
nbsp; IE *dhī-lyo- > Latin fīli-


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Natural and Voluntary Kinship

kyn* Blood relative.

gen* Parent.
genir*, patr* Father.
geniß*, matr* Mother.

sweb* Sibling.
swebir*, bratr* Brother.
swebiß*, swesor* Sister.

filj* Blood offspring.
filjir*, sun* Son.
filjiß*, duqatr* Daughter.

nepot* Child of one's sibling.
nepotir* Nephew.
nepotiß* Niece.

genav*, genavir*, genaviß* Relative of one's parent.
patrav*, patravir*, patraviß* Relative of one's father.
matrav*, matravir*, matraviß* Relative of one's mother.
filjav*, filjavir*, filjaviß* Relative of one's child.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
filjav* fam ag Descendant of one's offspring. Includes immediate grandchild. Add gender suffix to denote male or female. Descendant
filjew* abe sta itg Lack of offspring, childlessness.
filji* sta m itg Posterity.
filjor* gen act To produce offspring, reproduce. Offspring
matrav* fam ag Ancestor of one's mother. Ancestor
trefilj* ind fam sta dis tg Descendant. Descendant

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