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fekund* rel ess sta m itg
nbsp; IE *dhē- > *dhē-kwondo- > Latin fēcundus

Ability of production, productiveness, fecundity, fertility.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
fekundew* abe sta m itg Unproductiveness, infertility, sterility, infecundity. Unproductiveness
fekundos* rel pos ess sta Fertile, fruitful, fecund.
fekundodent* dat tg Substance that gives fertility; fertility drug. Productiveness
fekundolv* abl pa To lose one's fertility (by/from).
fekundemp* rel abl ag To take away or reduce productiveness (from). Productiveness
fekundempent* rel abl m tg Substance that reduces fertility; birth control.
fekundend* rel dat pa To become fertile, receive one's fertility, receive one's ability to reproduce.
fekundod* rel dat ag To increase one's productiveness, make (more) fertile, make (more) fecund. Productiveness

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