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farmak* abs ag tg
nbsp; Greek phármakon

Medicine.Substantive agent of remedy.

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Means of Remedy


farmak* Medicine.
narkor* Narcotic (generative of physical inertness).
pult* Poultice (soft, moist mass of material applied hot as a medicament to the body).
nqw* Salve.

elixir, elixir vitœ [L.], cordial, tisane, ptisan.


agueweed, boneset; arnica, benzoin, cream of tartar, bitartrate of potash, calomel, mercurous chloride; catnip, catmint; Epsom salts; feverroot or feverwort, feverweed, friar’s balsam, Indian sage; ipecac or ipecacuanha; Peruvian bark, Jesuits’ bark, cinchona, quinine or quinin, sassafras, yarrow.

Medicine synonyms

Physic, pharmaceutical, simples, drug, potion, draft or draught, dose, pill, bolus, electuary; lincture or linctus; medicament; pharmacon.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
farmakos* ess sta Drugged, intoxicated. Medicine
farmakod* v: dat ag To (give (someone) a) drug. Medicine
farmakor* gen act To dispense drugs. Medicine
farmakoritorj* act fac dis tg Pharmacy. Dispensary of medicine. Medicine

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