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f* ab cau ac
nbsp; IE *dhə-
To cause to be or do.
Verb modifier (as -if*); noun modifier (as -of*).

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
ækwif* abs cau ag To equalize, balance. Equality
ærof* cau ag To vaporize, sublimate. Vaporization
neakif* v: unb neg rel cau ag To blunt. Bluntness
altif* rel cau ac To raise, elevate.
aqorif* cau ag To hire, employ, rent.
arif* rel cau tr To dry, parch. Dryness
atrof* rel cau ac To burn, consume by fire.
bambif* rel cau tr To simplify. Simpleness, Purity, Homogeneity
bindif* cau tr To bundle something with something else. Assemblage
blankif* abs cau ac To blank, remove all color, bleach. Achromatism
blankifent* cau tg Bleach. Matter
bradif* rel neg cau tr To slow down, decelerate. Deceleration
bratif* abs cau tr To bake, roast. Cooking
belqif* incr cau ac To inflate, balloon. Inflation
cemof* cau tr To lay to rest, table.
damif* pos rel cau tr To tame. Servant
ðof* ab cau ag Causative agent.
dremif* rel neg cau ag To make inactive, deactivate, put to sleep. Repose
dunif* cau tr To form into dunes. Dune
eljif* cau tr To exalt. Elevation
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