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erem* rel ess sta
nbsp; Greek eremos

(v) Reclusive.
(n) Eremite.

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Retreat synonyms

RETREAT (voluntary seclusion), cell, hermitage, cloister; convent [See Temple]; sanctum sanctorum [L.], study, library, den [colloq.].\n RECLUSE (essive of voluntary seclusion), hermit, eremite, anchoret or anchorite, anchorist [obs.]; santon; stylite, pillarist, pillar-saint [all Ch. hist.]; St. Simeon Stylites; caveman, cave-dweller, troglodyte, Timon of Athens, solitarian [obs.], solitaire, ruralist [obs.], disciple of Zimmermann, closet cynic, cynic.\n

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