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eks* abs el ag
nbsp; IE *eghs
To be out of, not belong to.

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in* Interiority, eks* Exteriority

Positional Correlatives

in*, -in* In.
eks*, -eks* Out.

ep*, -ep* On. (see tak*, par+)
ap*, -ap* Off.

ad*, -ad* At.
amb*, -amb* Surrounding.
ant*, -ant* Facing.

uper*, -uper* Over, above.
ndr* Under, below.

Usage of (-)in* and (-)eks*

  • Location or Facility: Physically present inside/outside or the location/facility.
  • Collection: Belonging/not belonging to the collection, member/not a member of the collection.

Use of these suffixes is inappropriate for the following classes:

  • State: Use -(ew)os* instead. English tends to idiomize having the state as being "in/out of the state", but this idiom is inappropriate in Hilinqwo.

Use of these suffixes is also inappropriate for the following situations:

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
ekserj* el ag To discover.
ekserq* el ac To exit. Egress
eksimiƟ* ac To send out, emit.
ekstrivad* pej el ac To retreat (from). Egress
eksivj* ab el loc Direction out from.
ekstr* el loc Exterior. Exteriority

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