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ebrodent* dat tg
nbsp; ebrod* + -ent*

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Drink synonyms

Alcoholic drinks, alcohol, blue ruin [slang], booze or bouse [colloq.], “the luscious liquor” [Milton]; grog, port wine, punch; punchbowl, cup, rosy wine, flowing bowl; drop, - too much; dram; beer (beverage) [See Food]; aguardiente [Sp.]; apple-brandy, apple-jack; brandy, brandy-smash [U. S.]; chain lightning [slang], champagne, cocktail; gin, gin-sling; highball [U. S.], peg [slang, orig. India]; burra (or bara) peg, chota peg [both India]; rum, schnapps [U. S.], sherry, xeres, sling [U. S.], usquebaugh, whisky or whiskey, cup, parting cup, doch-an-dorrach or doch-an-dorris [Scot.].

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