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  • [[li class="list-group-item"]] [[[base:Un]]is epis ækwit dwim apim. One (of something) on (nearby) equals two (of that thing) off (afar).[[/li]]


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
gintidw* card num Twelve (12). Determinate Number
dwaps* bio dis tg Subclass Diapsida. Amniotes whose skulls have two openings near the temples. Diapsida
dwarj* abs ess sta One per two, one of two, one among two.
dwekt* ind dis tg Something that is characterized by two, particularly having two of something.
dwel* num One million (10002). Determinate Number
dwidekmel* num 2 x 1030. Determinate Number
dwifyl* ord tax Second-degree classification; biological phylum.
dwigint* num Twenty (20). Improper combined form; use dwikmt*. Determinate Number
dwigintel* num 2 x 1030. Determinate Number
dwikmt* num Twenty (20). Proper combined form.
dwikweklaq* inst dis tg Two-wheeled vehicle: bicycle, bike.
dwipod* tg Biped.
dwipt* (bio) dis tg Animal with two wings. Diptera
dwiqon* ord geom ess sta dis tg An open figure consisting of three sides connected at two angles.
dwj* num One-half. Fraction
dwt* ord ess sta Second.
dwund* num Two hundred (200). Determinate Number
dwundj* num The reciprocal of two hundred (200).

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