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dowl* ag
nbsp; Greek doule
Servant, assistant, employee.

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Servant synonyms

Retainer, follower, henchman, servitor, domestic, menial, help [local, U. S.], employee or employé; attaché [F.], official.
Maid, maidservant; confidant (fem. confidanté), confident (fem. confidente) [F.]; lady’s maid, abigail, soubrette; amah [Oriental], biddy [colloq.], bonne [F.], ayah [India]; nurse-, nursery-, house-, parlor-, waiting-, chamber-, kitchen-, scullery- maid;
(of preparing food) cook, scullion, Cinderella; pot-walloper;
Slavey [slang, Eng.], general servant [Brit.], general housework maid [U. S.], general [colloq.]; washerwoman, laundress, bedmaker; charwoman (worker) [See Agent].

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