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pos min rel dis meas
nbsp; IE *dluh₂gʰó-

Linear dimension.
Does not mean "extent" or "duration."

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Linear Dimensions

Essive Abessive
lonq* Length lonqew* Shortness Primary dimension.
lat* Breadth latew* Secondary dimension.
* Thickness * Thinness Tertiary dimension.

Orthogonal relationship


Negative Positive
bas* Base sum* Summit Vertical extremes.
Dative Ablative
alt* Height altew* Lowness Length upward from the base.
dub* Depth dubew* Shallowness Length downward from the summit.


* Longness brev* Shortness Length compared to breadth and thickness.
qert* Girth cerv* Narrowness Breadth and thickness compared to length.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
dlemp* rel abl pa To remove length, make shorter, shorten. Length (primary linear dimension)

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