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spec ev const
nbsp; IE *deyw-ó-

Day of (the god of).

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
deidj* spec chron Day of God, Sunday. Events
fredodj* spec ev Friday.
jovodj* spec ev "Day of Jupiter," Thursday.
kyrodj* spec ev "Day of the lord," Sunday.
lunodj* spec ev "Day of the moon," Monday.
martodj* spec ev Day of Mars, Tuesday (in Latin dies Mars).
merkerodj* spec ev Day of Mercury, Wednesday.
sabatodj* card dis itg Day of the Sabbath, Saturday.
saturnodj* card dis itg Day of Saturn, Saturday.
sawelodj* card dis itg Sunday.
þunarodj* card dis itg Day of (the god of) thunder, Thursday.
twodj* card dis itg Day of Tiw, Tuesday.
tyidj* chron nm Day of Tiu, Tuesday.
venendodj* card dis itg "Day of the desired one (Venus)," Friday.
wodidj* card dis itg Wednesday.

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