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cos* a: const ess sta
nbsp; c* + -os*

To know, have knowledge of.

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Knowledge, Education, Teaching, Learning

alm* Education.
qn* General knowledge.
c* Scientific, specialized or comprehensive logic.

Essive Stative

qnos*, cos*

Agent - Teaching, teacher, educator.

almod* Direct object is student.
qnod*, cod* Direct object is teacher.

Patient - Learning, learner, student, alumnus.

almend* Direct object is teacher.
qnend*, cend* Direct object is student.

Instrument of Education

Schoolbook, textbook, hornbook; grammar, primer, abecedary [rare], abecedarium, rudiments, manual; encyclopedia or encyclopædia; cyclopedia or cyclopædia; dictionary, lexicon, thesaurus.

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