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nbsp; IE *kal-yo > Latin concilium
Council, legislature.Gathering or collective for authority or advice.

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Court, chamber, cabinet, board, bench, staff.
Committee (subset of a council with a particular task).
Legislature (council tasked with writing law), senate, senatus, parliament, chamber of deputies, directory, reichsrath, rigsdag, cortes, storthing, witenagemote, junta, divan, musnud, sanhedrim; classis; Amphictyonic council; duma, house of representatives; legislative assembly, legislative council; riksdag, volksraad, witan, caput, consistory, chapter, syndicate; court of appeal (tribunal) [more]; board of control, board of works; vestry; county council, local board.
Cockpit, convocation, synod, congress, convention, diet, states-general.
Assembly, caucus, conclave, clique, conventicle; meeting, sitting, seance, conference, session, palaver, pourparler, durbar, house; quorum; council fire [N.Am.], powwow [U.S.], primary [U.S.].
Representative (member of a council with a jurisdiction).

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