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const act m itg
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Knowledge, understanding, science.Constructs the bases for sciences and bodies of study and research.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
aktoc* m itg Radiology. Science of radioactivity. Radioactivity
bjic* m itg The science of biology. Science
cend* const dat term tr To learn. Learning
cod* const dat tr To teach. Teaching
cos* a: const ess sta To know, have knowledge of.
froc* m itg Science of heat. Pyrology; thermology, thermotics. Science of Heat
hakaptoc* m itg Egyptology. Egypt
linqwoc* m itg Linguistics.
medoc* act m itg Science of treatment, medical science. Remedy
numoc* m itg Numismatics. Currency
psoc* m itg Psychology.
qonoc* m itg Trigonometry. Sciences and Fields of Knowledge
semantoc* m itg Semasiology, study of meanings in a language, study of semantic change. Sciences and Fields of Knowledge
sonoc* m itg Acoustics. Science of sound. Acoustics
tomic* m itg The science or knowledge of anatomy.
vitoc* m itg Viticulture. Sciences and Fields of Knowledge

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