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bio dis tg
nbsp; IE *gʷou-,*gʷṓws > Latin

Genus Bos.
Ox, bull, cow, buffalo.

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  • [[li class="list-group-item"]] Bovos saltat upir lunon. The cow jumped over the moon.[[/li]]


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
bovac* bio dis tg Family Bovidae. Bovidae
bovodr* der tg Beef stock.
bovanj* loc Cow pasture.
bovat* der tg Beef. Flesh
boviß* fem bio dis tg Female of genus Bos; cow. Bos
bovet* dim bio dis tg Young of genus Bos; calf. Bos
bovop* der tg Beef fat, beef grease. Organic Solids
bovir* masc bio dis tg Male of genus Bos; bull. Bos

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