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bio dis tg
nbsp; IE *gʷeyh₃w- > Greek βίος (bios)

Lifeform in the biological taxonomy.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
angelibj* bio dis tg Genus Archangelica. Garden angelica. Angelica
arkæibj* bio dis tg Superregnum Archaea. Archaea
armobj* bio dis tg Family Dasypodidae. Armadillo. Dasypodidae
artjidaktylibj* bio dis tg Order Artiodactyla. Artiodactyla
astribj* bio dis tg Subphylum Asterozoa. Starfish, sea stars and relatives. Asterozoa
paworibj* bio dis tg Species Persea americana. Persea
bakibj* bio dis tg Superregnum Bacteria. Bacterium. Bacteria
bibibj* bio dis tg Humulus lupulus. Hops vine. Humulus
bjiß* fem pn Female lifeform.
bjir* masc Male life form.
bjew* abs abe sta m itg Lifelessness, death.
bjos* ess Having life, alive.
bjic* m itg The science of biology. Science
bjid* dat tr To bring to live, vivify.
bjolv* abl pa To lose life, die.
bjemp* abl ac To take life (from), kill.
bjend* dat term tr To be brought to life, become alive. Lifeform
bjontent* tg Antibiotic.
bjivj* dis itg Way of living, lifestyle.
ewkarjibj* bio dis tg Domain Eukaryota. Eukaryota
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