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Prohibition.Denial of permission.

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ban* Prohibition. Ban, banishment, curse, inhibition; interdict, interdiction; injunction; embargo, taboo/tabu, proscription.

banoq* Executive: To use/wield prohibition.
banor* Generative: To produce prohibition.

banos* Essive of having. Banned, prohibited.
banod* Dative agent: To ban, prohibit
banend* Dative patient: To become banned (by/from).

banew* Abessive.
banemp* Ablative agent: To remove prohibition (from).
banolv* Ablative patient: To lose prohibition (to/by).

bantr* Domain/scope.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
banos* neg ess Banned, prohibited, banished, cursed. Prohibition
banod* neg dat tr To ban, prohibit, banish, curse. Prohibition

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