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Bacchus.Roman deity of wine and drink.

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Roman Gods

jov* Jupiter, Jove (supreme male).
jun* Juno (supreme female.)

apel* Apollo (sun).
baɣ* Bacchus (wine).
meter* Ceres (fruitfulness).
erotir* Cupid (love).
diwjiß* Diana (moon, hunting).
fawn* Faunus (flocks, herds, forests, wild life).
martir* Mars (war).
merk* Mercury (messenger).
plutir* Pluto, Dis (underworld male).
presw* Proserpina / Proserpine (Queen of the lower world).
neptun* Neptune (ocean).
satr* Saturn (time).1
qæiß* Tellus, Terra (earth).
venend* Venus (love and beauty).2
westiß* Vesta (the hearth).
vulk* Vulcan (smith).

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