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awstr* card loc
nbsp; aws* + -tr*

"The east," eastern location.

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Mythological Winds

bore* Boreas, Aquilo (north).
ewr* Eurus, Vulturnus (east).
awstr* Notus, Auster (south).
zefyr* Zephyrus, Zephyr, Favonius (west).

aeol* ├ćolus, Eolus (ruler of the winds).

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
awstranj* spec loc dis tg Austria. Europe
awstrens* ind eth ess sta Easterner.
awstrert* abs ess sta Facing east. Special Centrical Dimensions
awstrort* To turn to the east.
awstroj* act m itg Movement to the east. Motion with reference to Direction

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