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altern* act m itg
nbsp; IE *al- > *al-tero- > Latin alter > alternus

Oscillation between two fixed points, positions or states.

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Coming and going &c. v.; ebb and flow, flux and reflux, systole and diastole; libration -of the moon, - in latitude; ups and downs; crossruff [in cards].

* xxx
oq* Executive To use/wield xxx.
or* Generative To produce xxx.
os* Essive of having.
od* Dative agent To give xxx (to).
end* Dative patient To receive xxx (from).
ew* Abessive. Lack or absence of xxx.
emp* Ablative agent To take xxx (from).
olv* Ablative patient To lose xxx (to/by).
aq* Means
m* Result
ajat* Indication
tr* Domain/Scope

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