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akt* tg
nbsp; Greek aktis

Radioactivity, radiation.

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Radioactivity synonyms

actinic rays, actinism; , radium emanation, exradio; Röntgen rays, X-rays, ultra-violet rays; photometer [See Optical Instruments]; heliometer, refractometer.\n

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
aktos* rel ess sta Radioactive. Radioactivity
aktoc* m itg Radiology. Science of radioactivity. Radioactivity
aktod* dat ag To irradiate. Radioactivity
aktend* dat pa To receive radiation, be irradiated. Radioactivity
aktor* gen act To emit radiation, be radioactive. Radioactivity
aktum* spec tg Actinium. Chemical Elements

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