The primary type of element in Hilinqwo. A morpheme that is not a complete official word, but can be transformed into a complete word by attaching the appropriate base ending.

A base is represented as a series of letters terminated with an asterisk ("*").

Complete List of Bases

Each page lists 25 bases.

Base Etymology Classes Definition
adurir* adur* + -ir* masc ess sta Hadrian, Adrian.
aduriß* adur* + -iß* fem ess sta Adrienne.
ɣæ* Consonant Letter Convention spec dis tg The Hilinqwo letter Ɣ.
ʃæ* Consonant Base Convention spec dis tg 1. The Hilinqwo letter Ʃ.
2. The Latin letter esh (Ʃ,ʃ).
æd* Latin ædis res dis tg Building, structure.
æd* Old Irish Áed fig ess sta "Fire," Aodh, Aidan, Aiden.
æh* Vowel Base Convention spec dis tg The letter ash (æ).
æk* Greek aikia ac To torture, punish.
ækendm* ækend* + -m* res tg Injury resulting from torture.
ækm* IE *ak- or *h2eyk'- > Greek aikhmē abs dis tg The head of a spear.
ækœk* æk* + -œk* fac dis tg Torture chamber.
æktr* æk* + -tr* loc dis tg Place where torture is administered.
ækur* æk* + -ur* act m itg Torture.
ækuraq* æk* + -ur* + -aq* inst dis tg Means of torture. Scourge.
ækw* Latin æquus abs ess sta Equal.
ækwi* ækw* + -i* abs sta itg Equality.
ækwif* ækw* + f* abs cau ag To equalize, balance.
ækwift* ækw* + ft* abs cau pa To equalize, balance.
ækwinot* ækw* + not* dis tg The equals sign.
ækwipend* ækw* + pend* act To weigh equally, hence balance.
ælur* Genus Ailurus bio dis tg Family Ailuridae.
æml* IE *h₂eym- > Latin æmulus ag dis tg Rival, opponent.
æmlir* æml* + -ir* masc ag Male rival or opponent.
æmliß* æml* + -iß* fem ag Female rival or opponent.
æmlosi* æml* + -os* + -i* act m itg Rivalry, opposition, jealousy, envy.