The primary type of element in Hilinqwo. A morpheme that is not a complete official word, but can be transformed into a complete word by attaching the appropriate base ending.

A base is represented as a series of letters terminated with an asterisk ("*").

Complete List of Bases

Each page lists 25 bases.

Base Etymology Classes Definition
þunar* IE *tón-r̥- > Germanic *thunaraz. act m itg Detonation.
þunarodj* þunar* + dj* card dis itg Day of (the god of) thunder, Thursday.
þunaror* þunar* + r* gen act To thunder.
þunarum* þunar* + -um* chem m tg Thorium.
þunarumat* þunarum*+ -at* m tg Thoron.
þur* Latin t(h)ūs/t(h)ūr- inst dis tg Container of perfumery.
þuril* IE *terə- > *tṛ(ə)- > Germanic *thur-ila- dis tg Hole.
þuror* þur* + r* gen act To punch holes.
þuroraq* þur* + raq* inst dis tg Holepuncher.
þym* Greek θυμος (thymos) dis itg Soul.
þyn* Greek thýnnos bio dis tg Genus Thunnus.
þyr* IE *dhur-? > Greek spec dis tg Thyroid.
þyrs* Greek thýrsos > Vulgar Latin *tursus abs dis tg ess sta 1. Arranged with a central stalk with branches or stems sprouting forth in any direction.
2. (of zoological organization) Torso.
3. (of botanical organization) Thyrse.
4. Thyrsus.
þyrsard* þyrs* + -ard* dis tg Garment that covers the torso.
þyrupos* þyr* + -upos* rel ess sta m itg Hypothyroidism.
þysan* Greek thysanos "fringe" dis tg Edge.
ʒæ* Consonant convention dis tg The letter ezh (Ʒ).
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