The primary type of element in Hilinqwo. A morpheme that is not a complete official word, but can be transformed into a complete word by attaching the appropriate base ending.

A base is represented as a series of letters terminated with an asterisk ("*").

Complete List of Bases

Each page lists 25 bases.

Base Etymology Classes Definition
ʃ* Semitic wṯʕ rel act m itg Deliverance, salvation, hosanna.
ab* Semitic ʔb v: 2v ag dis tg To pastor, lead (in a spiritual sense).
abak* Semitic ʔbq > Greek abax, abak- abs ess sta m tg Chaff, dust.
abakemp* abak* + -emp* rel abl ag To (remove) dust (from).
abakempuraq* abakemp* + -ur* + -aq* abl inst dis tg Instrument that removes chaff. Duster, vacuum cleaner.
abakew* abak* + -ew* rel abe sta itg Dustlessness, cleanness.
abakod* abak* + d* rel dat ac To (give) dust (to).
abakos* abak* + -os* rel ess sta Dusty.
ɣabal* Semitic qbl > Hebrew qabbālâ m itg Received doctrine or tradition.
aban* ab* + -an*. ess sta "Son of the father," Barabbas.
ʃabat* Semitic šbt dis itg Day of rest, period of rest, sabbath, sabbatical; weekend.
abib* Semitic ʔbb > Hebrew ʔābîb act To flower, bloom.
abiburm* abib* + -ur* + -m* res dis tg Blossom.
abir* ab* + -ir* masc fig ess sta "Father."
abiß* ab* + -iß* fem fig ess sta "Pastor, leader."
abj* IE *h₂eps-eh₂- "aspen" > Latin abiēs bio dis tg Genus Abies.
abl* IE *h₂ébl̥, *h₂ebōl dis tg Apple.
ablarb* abl* + -arb* bio dis tg Genus Malus.
ablodr* abl* + -odr* m tg Apple juice.
abœk* ab* + -œk* fac dis tg Monastery.
absinþ* Greek apsinthion bio dis tg Artemisia absinthium, wormwood.
absinþodr* absinþ* + -odr* der tg Absinthe.
ac* IE *ak- > *ak-ē- > Latin acēre tg Acid.
acet* IE *ak- > *ak-ēto- m tg Vinegar, acetic acid.
acontent* ac* + nt* + -ent* act m itg Antacid.
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