This grid shows how bases are commonly used to represent actions, and how the standard modifiers work to make associated bases.

(act itg)
(dat ac)
(inst tg)
(dat pa)
(fac tg)
(res tg)
æk* "torture" ækor* "torturer" ækod* "torturer" ækaq* "scourge" ækend* "tortured"
awks* "aid, help" awksor* "assistant" awksod* "to help" awksaq* awksend* "to be helped"
bel* "fighting" belor* "fighter" belod* "to attack" belaq* "weapon" belend* "attacked, victim"
cern* "care, concern" cernor* cernod* "to care about" cernaq* cernend*
dar* "dare, challenge" daror* darod* "to challenge" daraq* darend*
ekor* "imitation" ekor* ekod* "to echo, make a copy of" ekaq* "copier" ekend*
hapt* "physical contact" haptor* haptod* "to touch" haptaq* haptend*
qawd* "joy" qawdor* qawdod* "to cheer" qawdaq* qawdend*


abib* To flower, bloom. Flowering abibor* abibod* abibaq* abibend* abibanj* abibm*
ækur* Torture. Torture aekuror* aekurod* aekuraq* aekurend* aekuranj* aekurm*
æmlosi* Rivalry, opposition, jealousy, envy. Opponent aemlior* aemliod* aemliaq* aemliend* aemlianj* aemlim*
æmol* Emulation, striving to equality. aemolor* aemolod* aemolaq* aemolend* aemolanj* aemolm*
æq* Direction. Direction (Voluntary Action) aeqor* aeqod* aeqaq* aeqend* aeqanj* aeqm*
akism* Feigned disinterest in something while actually desiring it. Agent of Desire akismor* akismod* akismaq* akismend* akismanj* akismm*
aleks* Defense. Defense aleksor* aleksod* aleksaq* aleksend* aleksanj* aleksm*
alm* Education. Education almor* almod* almaq* almend* almanj* almm*
altern* Alternation. Alternation alternor* alternod* alternaq* alternend* alternanj* alternm*
amur* Friendship, love, affection. Friendship amuror* amurod* amuraq* amurend* amuranj* amurm*
anaj* Ascent. Ascent anajor* anajod* anajaq* anajend* anajanj* anajm*
arbitr* Judgment, arbitration. arbitror* arbitrod* arbitraq* arbitrend* arbitranj* arbitrm*
asper* Aggravation. Aggravation asperor* asperod* asperaq* asperend* asperanj* asperm*
avur* Flight. Ascent avuror* avurod* avuraq* avurend* avuranj* avurm*
awks* Aid, support, assistance, help. Aid awksor* awksod* awksaq* awksend* awksanj* awksm*
awq* Increase, growth, augmentation. Increase awqor* awqod* awqaq* awqend* awqanj* awqm*
awror* Dawn, sunrise, daybreak. Parts of the Day awroror* awrorod* awroraq* awrorend* awroranj* awrorm*
awstroj* Movement to the east. Motion with reference to Direction awstritor* awstritod* awstritaq* awstritend* awstritanj* awstritm*
azan* Summons to prayer, particularly azan. Religious Affections azanor* azanod* azanaq* azanend* azananj* azanm*
azr* Intervention. azror* azrod* azraq* azrend* azranj* azrm*
balb* Stammer. Stammer balbor* balbod* balbaq* balbend* balbanj* balbm*
baln* Bath. Bath balnor* balnod* balnaq* balnend* balnanj* balnm*
bapt* Submergence. Submergence baptor* baptod* baptaq* baptend* baptanj* baptm*
basoj* Motion to(wards) the base. Descent basitor* basitod* basitaq* basitend* basitanj* basitm*
bawl* Profuse weeping, bawling, sobbing. Weeping bawlor* bawlod* bawlaq* bawlend* bawlanj* bawlm*
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